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Town Newport

The official name of TownNewport is Newport Center sometimes referred to as Town Newport, or Newport Town to distinguish it from the bordering town of Newport City.

This website created for the people of Town Newport, Vermont to have a place where they can get information about this community. One item in particular. perhaps the inspiration for this website was the town and SelectBoard meetings where decisions are are made about taxes, improvements and other town details..Most do not attend these meetings so now you can come here and see videos of all the meetings.. references to laws relative to the meetings and decisions.

As I move along in time with this website and face book, I am starting to see it take on it’s own form. This is all about the truth, transparent government. This town like others all over the country are being run by small groups of selectmen and town clerk and it has become more and more about decisions being made out of the public’s eyes. Changes and decisions made and voted for by a handful of people.

State and Federal legislation has acted on this by amending two current laws, in particular Open Meeting Law and Public Records Act. Our towen officials have enjoyed total anonymity for decades WE MUST BE patient with them it is a change. We must also insist on compliance. The records are open to the public by law including ledgers of bank transactions, contracts of workers, payroll everything. NO MORE secret trans actions. Large contracts awarded with out public knowledge. The Government says we have the “RIGHT to KNOW” the money they are spending is not from a private account of the Selectmen and town clerk. IT IS THE MONEY of the town residents collected from us to operate the town trusted in the hand of our town officials….

DO WE TRUST THEM? In the words of “Trust but Verify” Ronald Regan