Water Committee Grievance

In January of 2016 a water committee was created in Newport Center Vermont to address the problems the town has been having for decades which recently resulted in 200% increase on the water bill. After a few months one member of the water committee claimed that the reduction of the water bill was “never going to happen”. He also claimed that reducing the water bill and installing the meters was never discussed. Despite several videos right here on this website you can see and hear his discussion on water meters. Go to Video 3 on Dec 3rd and see Ernest speak on water meters Why would someone turn around and contradict himself on an issue like this? What is he up to. No good perhaps..

School Committee Audit

I know some have expressed interest in this meeting I had scheduled.
Today, May 25th, I met with Glenn the business manager of the Newport Center Elementary School.
We went through some of the numbers concerning the question of misplaced 170,000.
Many questionable transactions were uncovered and left unexplained. The business manager was clearly out to confuse and circumvent the one question asked
“where did the money go exactly”. Notice on the tape that I followed one of the grant amounts which went from one account to another 4 times. The business manager confessed that each account that the funds were transferred were spent on other than the original intent of construction for the new gymnasium.
For the People…


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