Leo’s Rebuttle

Frank Riccardi, (owner of Lago Tratoria) waged war against Leo Letourneau. It seems that Leo was maintaining the roads in their neighborhood, plowing, snow blowing and adding gravel. Frank had issues with this. He called a meeting with the Town Newport select board. It was heated and Frank resorted to name calling and disrespectful comments as well as gathering support on a scapegoating campaign against Leo enlisting several neighbors who attended the meeting in support of Franks issues.

The Select board sided with Frank. Leo was told to stop the maintenance work on the roads.

That was the second meeting. Leo left the meeting making clear he was not happy. Frank’s accusations were “all lies” according to Leo. We thought it was over because the select chair told Leo to not do any work on the roads without the land owners approval.

This is the third meeting and Leo prevailed. He got signatures from all the landowners to continue plowing and grating the roads with the exception of the road adjacent to Franks. Democracy at work. Bravo to Leo!

Trail War – 2

Trail War – 1