Learning & Action Committee

About a year ago I was contemplating an idea about creating a citizens committee that would have discussions about town business. I went to Secretary of State to check the legalities of forming a committe that was totally independent from the selectboard and town clerk.

I spoke to attorney Jenny Processor and was told by her that it is perfectly legal and part of our constitution, freedom of speech and the right to assembly. Another point she stressed is that this group would not be bound by the same laws as the municipal leaders such as the open meeting laws and other legal statues mandatory for the body to follow.

I was inspired by the thought of creating a group like this but I did not know where to begin. I really did not get any further than just giving it a name.

A recent turn of events reminded me of the need for a group where residents would be able to speak freely and discuss business of the town which currently is only allowed on limited basis.

Another inspiration was was a conversation I had with Chris Donovan. When he was on the water committee he wanted me to be a part of it because of my awareness of some of laws. The water committee rejected me.

Shortly after this event I wasn’t surprised when Chris Donovan approached me in the garden one day and asked for help on a legal issue issue he was having concerning access to recreation ATV trails. I agreed to help. I emailed the Deputy Secretary of State, Chris Winter and explained to him Chris Donovan’s issue. Then I created an email connection between the two. They got in touch and Chris Winters directed Chris Donovan to a municipal expert on the issue he was having. After I gave Chris Donovan the reference he wrote me and told me he was working on the issue with one of the lawyers at the Secretary of State. He did not have to pay this lawyer. Chris Donovan did prevail on his issue with the direction that was provided by the lawyer.

We need a place that residents can go to get answers about laws and the peoples rights which are so often denied by this current Select board. There is limited transparency by the Select Board, non compliance of freedom to speak openly at the Select Board meetings along with frequent use of intimidation and threats for which I have personally have experienced all the above simply because I choose to participate at the meetings and exercise my constitutional rights freedom of speech. You do not have to take my word for this, events like this have been documented along with video recordings that have been published on the Town Newport Website and Facebook group pages which I created for the town.
As some of you may know I took a small break in the last few months from participation in Selectboard Meetings. During this time I didn’t video the meetings or post town business on the website and Facebook.
To those who were enjoying the videos and information posted to the website, as of this date , I will resume doing this.
So at this time I would like to present the Town Newport “Learning and Action Committee” LAC.