A Public Utility tool for Transparent Government. Use it!
What is the Public Records Act? Why is it so important? So you ask yourself when you get a increase on water bill. Your property taxes go up. What is our town paying the employees. Why and what did they pay contractors for that useless community solar garden that does nothing for the community? That’s a cute little word. Obviously this cute little word worked because the town voted this $250.000 project in despite being in debt and overlooking other essential projects like the failing public water supply. Who benefited from this contract? Certainly the contractor!

The Public records act is a key to all records of our government especially local government to be accessible to the public at request. This part of the blog deals the how to use the Public Records Act, the difficulties you may experience in using this law and how to use this effectively to make change in your town or city. I will tell you right up front, your town might resist compliance of these laws with intimidation and other fallout. We will discuss all this. I encourage as well as plead input from others any where in the USA who have stories, experience, questions about this issue. People help the people. Hope to hear from you soon … Barry