Whats Going On? “You can believe half of what see and natta what you hear”. (Marvin Gaye)

A water bill increase with a bond of 745,000?

The facts

1.) According to Fred Baraw, the water system is fine and providing plenty of water. Two of the four wells are working and have an arsenic treatment plant

2.) There are two wells that need do need arsenic treatment, but not not urgently.

3.) The projected expenses appear to be excessive, one particular item on the the cost summary Step III total 55,000. one of the positions is “Resident Representative” this pays $25,000 in which the town Clerk has identified herself as the Resident Representative. (see documents below).

resident representative cropped

5.) The Engineer Wayne Elliot and Town Clerk, Denise Daigle have withheld most of the documents outlining the expenses of this project. Only 12 pages out of 50 were brought to the initial meeting in February 2017 and given to the water committee and available to the public.

4.) We must learn from past. The first water increase little was known on the reasons why. The residents were not given any information for years. Before we make a move that is predicted to increase our water bill we must have total transparency on all details and expenses.

5.) Jerry Waterman in response to the question, “what happens if the people do not vote this in?” He replied, “we will have to start over again and realign the numbers and try again, The school does this all the time when the terms are not agreeable with the people on their bond actions.”

(I suggest we vote this out on April 4th in response to Jerry Waterman’s observation based on 36 years experience with DTrans.)

More to come

VOTE NO on article one to procure the $745,000 bond for arsenic treatment for the two extra wells… CLERKS OFFICE April 4th – vote all day by paper ballot all day 7am – 7pm.
Even if you are not a municipal water user, vote note no for your neighbors sake. They are stressed and disgusted with the probability of getting a water bill increased to 500 per quarter.

Why you Vote vote no on article one – April 4th

What is going on? The water users got a 100% increase on their bill in Nov 2015.
There was no reasonable explanation for this. Now on the horizon is another substantial increase for 2017. According to Ernest Choquette it will again almost double.

Once again you will get no reasonable explanation for this… Stay in tune for next weeks for more info and plan on coming to vote no on article one on April 4th. You will be able to vote by a paper ballot all day at the clerks office from 7am – 7pm.