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SelectBoard Meeting Attendance

Why does no one go?  I went into the clerks office on Jan 10 and asked Denise for documents relating  to the the grant that was awarded to Fred Baraw.  I told her that some of the residents were asking for details.  She replied why don’t they just come to the meeting?  I WAS AT THE MEETING and there were not details discussed.  Is this the reason no one goes to the meetings?  The meeting are for the most part all business and most the time the residents are not included in the discussion.  I have heard from many that you can not get anything done.

Before Christmas my wife Jayne Sahagian why they did not light tree in park.  They responded ” this is not our responsibility, it is the the fire department.  Denise said she would make calls and get it done.  Did you notice that when you go through Newport Center during the holiday not a single bulb lit or any sign of Christmas.  When it is for the people it gets ignored…   Your thoughts