Facebook Live Video Febe 28

This would be our second Live face book broadcast. Still working bugs out.
Please tune and remember you can always view the archived video on face book or here on the website.

The advantage of listening live is that you can place a comment and the select board will respond.

See the agenda for the meeting

The new technology to make better communication. This live video, the first of many more to come hopefully. This is the opportunity to get
up to speed on issues of the town. Most often when I talk to people around town about issues they simply do not know what is going on.
The select board and town clerk do not have any type of communication with the towns people other than snail mail and word of mouth much
the same as it was done in 1852. Most other towns in Vermont are far ahead in technology.

So join in the discussion, we will talk about anything, ask questions, offer input. Tell what you know that might be of interest to other residents.
The peoples meeting….