Voter Resource Page

This page is devoted to resources and information on voting. For the most part for the annual town meeting but also for Presidential Elections as well.

To the right is an online voter registration that the Secretary of State has provided. It is a very simple form you can do online. When you complete the form they will send the form to the town clerk ( Denise Daigle). Very simple very. I have tested this. I filled out the form and sure enough the town clerk received an email that I have registered to vote.

So If know anyone that has not got around to registering, It has just gotten easier..DO IT!

In 2017 I petitioned to change the town meeting from a voice vote to Australian paper vote. It got voted out. I think it is still a good idea as many people also. Maybe in the future ./….

Petition to add paper ballot voting to Town Meeting

The Town Meeting in March each year is when the people vote on how our tax dollars are spent. Currently you have to go to the elementary school and participate in a floor vote at 6PM on Town Meeting Day. If you have never attended, I would not blame you. You sit in a gymnasium on a hard cafeteria chair for two hours while the moderator reads off the articles one by one and the attendees verbally vote with an aye or nay. This is called a floor vote and the only way you can vote at this time in out town. Most other towns also use a paper ballot which is far more convenient.

We have a petition to change this by adding the paper ballot and absentee ballot so more people will vote and have the convenience of just going to the town hall any time during Town Meeting day cast their vote privately using a paper vote.

Click on the link or image for full size doc to view or print.



You can print this form out if you would like to volunteer or if you would like to sign, you can find a copy at the clerks office, Luciers Store or Hilikers Store. I could really use the help on gathering signatures. IF you would like to help, I would be most appreciative. Print it out and get some signatures.

This upcoming year I will be creating petitions for recreation for the town like picnics, concerts, street parade and other things for the people of which there currently is nothing. All the surround towns have activities like this through the year paid by the select board for the taxes collected. The idea is that is we can gemore people to vote and sign petition we can start to have activities for the people throughout the year.

Looking for volunteers to help with the betterment of you little village.

Voter Turnout and Methods for Vermont

To give you an idea of how other towns vote, the number of registered voters and numbers of people who vote, look over this matrix and you will see that most the towns in the state use paper ballot as well as the floor vote. Newport Center is is one of the very few towns in this state that do not have paper ballots for their town meeting.
Let’s change this so more Newport Center residents get to vote. Sign the petition!

Click on this link to view the pdf of the voter turnout for the state. It is a few pagesand you can of course enlarge the PDF with the + and – signs if you need. Please note this doc was obtained from the Vermont Secretary of State. The 2015 stats id the latest they have. It will be updated when they publish a more recent one.