Recent disbursements on Water system 33,683.12 details invoices, expert opinion

So I guess this whole water system dilemma has gotten the attention of many of the residents especially the cost and the increase by 100% on our water bill. So most will agree little has been explained to us on this issue by our town officials.

So this article is about two recent disbursements made by the town totaling 33,683.12. This was in Dec 22, 2015. I have been actively been involved in this issue and have not heard a word about this. Perhaps I just missed a report issued on this by the town.

I discovered this when I made a Public Records Document request from the town on recent disbursements. (Invoices posted below expandable images).

I must admit I did not know what hydrofracturing was so I did some research and found an enlightening blog post by an expert on this subject by Elizabeth Ward ( she has an MBA on environmental engineering, has a book published on this subject as well as becoming a consultant with Washington Advisors and is the author of “The Lenders Guide to Developing an Environmental Risk Management Program. Any way she explains in detail what hydrofracturing is, the average cost and the percentage of positive results of using this alternative to drilling new wells.

Read Elizabeth…
Elizabeth Ward Civil engineer expert on hydrofracturing