Water System Project 2017

On Jan 18, 2017 the Selectboard of Town Newport had a meeting to discuss recently proposed project to address the ongoing water system issue now lingering for over a decade.

The engineer Wayne Elliot from Aldridge + Elliot Engineering firm was present as well as the water committee. Wayne was outlining the details and costs.
of the project. I have attended other meetings with Wayne and as usual he speaks in a very soft tone in monotone style which could put you asleep.

Here are the documents from this meeting

He directed his conversation for the most part to the selectboard with his back to audience. You had to struggle to hear him in his soft tone whisper. ( If he can not speak properly at a presentation, I might suggest a sound system or better still a refresher course on public speaking

Any way he brought a 13 page project package and passed out copies to the selectboard, the water and road commissioners (no copies for the Water committee. I asked for a copy and was totally ignored. (after all I am just a mere taxpayer who pays 300 a quarter for water use)

These documents in my opinion should have been sent to the town at least a couple of days before the meeting, When Wayne was asked when he needed the documents signed by the selectboard, he replied with a chuckle “Yesterday”.

Later in the meeting Steve Barrup was asked if the water bill would increase. He replied, “I was just handed these documents and haven’t had time to look over the numbers”. This fact making it more evident that the documents should have been forwarded to the town before hand.

In my opinion Wayne Elliot of a Adridge Elliot Engineers/ Aldridge + Elliot. Made a very unprofessional presentation. I expect more for the 150.00 an hour fee he charges on project close to million dollars. I sincerely hope the work he is a bout to do, not be as unprofessional as his presentation

The editor
Barry Sahagian