Principal Agrees to Public Records request

Elemntary Processed

The School Principal of Newport Town Elementary School has reluctantly agreed to honor the request to inspect the financial records concerning the current issue of a misplaced 170,000. This was discovered at the 2016 Town meeting after the school board had petitioned the town to borrow 360,000. When asked about the details of the debt, the principal explained that part of the debt was due to 170,000 that was “put into the wromg account”.
There is a meeting scheduled at the school on May 26 at 9AM where Glenn Hankison, NCSU Business Manager will determine which documents need to be reviewed and provide copies which will be published on this website.

The meeting will be video taped and published here later this week. This action is per the recently amended “Public Records Act” where any an ordinary citizen can request from any public body, documents to inspect and or copy. By law, the documents must be produced upon request. A denial can result in a court action with fines and fees charged to the member of the body that denies any such request.

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