At the last select board meeting the chair read a letter written by Wendy Meunier the School principal of Newport Center, VT Elementary School. She did not attend meeting, she just submitted the letter.

You may remember a recent incident with Wendy who circumvented answering questions on a missing amount of 176,000. Now she is demanding this relatively small amount for reimbursement for the purchases of bottled water the school had to purchase of because of a boil order from the state on our drinking water.

WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE TOWN? They also have been purchasing bottled water. WHAT ABOUT THE misplaced 176,000 that disappeared off the books Wendy?

She never came clean on that. She sent her business manager who gave us a con job, smoke and mirror, dog and pony show.. while she hid in the background avoiding a personal explanation which the town deserves.

Letter enclosed below.