The time has come for Town Newport to consider having their own ambulance service. Until now the town has been under contract with Newport Ambulance Service. In the last 3 years they have increased the service contract by tens of thousands each year since 2015. 2017 – to $36,000, 2018 – to 46,000. This upcoming year (2019) they have publicly announced they are going increase the service contract substantially. Where does it end?

I believe that right now they are charging more for a service contract than it would cost to start new company for Town Newport.

I believe that this would be a great opportunity for a resident to start an ambulance company for the town.
Right off there would be about $150,000 to earned in the first year. How did I determine this?

In 2018 Newport Ambulance Service received 46,000 from the Town Newport voted in at town meeting by the people. In addition they make approx 80 -100 service calls @ $800 – $1,200 a call. Total $100,000 + for the service calls, plus 46,000 for the service contract. That would be 146,000 these numbers during 2017. I got these numbers from spread sheets provided by NAS at a Selectboard meeting in 2018.

I have drawn up a business plan outlining expenses and requirements to start an ambulance plus contacts, website and phone numbers. I believe I have listed most the requirements need to get started.


Business Plan and Resources

Projected income form spread sheet provided by NAS SBM February 2018 for gross amounts from
service calls – 100,000
service contract 2017 – 46,000
TOTAL 146,000

Projected equipment purchases
Used – Ambulance ………………………………… 20,000 ( prices range from 20,000 – 40,000
additional repairs updates for vehicle ……….. 5,000
Defibrillator ………………………………………… 1,500
More research needed ……
Duties include dispatching, billing, payroll, misc office duties .. $30.000

Drivers for average 80 service calls – 6 calls per month 2 drivers per month each is payed 200 per month …………..$ 5,000
Average MT Salary in Vermont, – $31,324. Approx 15.00 per hour week 596.00
Ambulance company insurance 10,000
State Ambulance Tax (for Medicaid reimbursement@3.3 percent. approx 3,500

More expenses to be estimated – license, vehicle inspection, non profit license
The standard filing fee for Form 1023 will cost you $750 No tax status federal
Fees to incorporate under 125.00 or less.
Per Capita
Income ….
What is Per capita in general the phrase means “(somebody’s) spending (on something), divided by (some) number of people.”

Income 146,000
Expenses 106,000
+ – 9 $40,000 left over for other expenses.

Resources for further information on starting an ambulance company.

respectly ask the selectboard to wait a month before they vote on NAS contract. We would like to gather more information for the voters as well as explore the possibility of have a resident come forth to start one for the town.

They have passed the threshhold of charging more that it costs to start an ambulance company
Quid Quo Pro
They want more money, what do we get? How about transparency, eliminate the charge for deductable.
Way off suggest they do not bill for the deductable least they can do.
What do we get
Sustantail Increase in Our taxes from the service contract. We up to 3 times for ambulance service if you do not have 100% insurance.
1. Tax increase from large service contract.
2 Have to pay the deductable
No Transparency a
46,000 last year for a service guaranteed by the government
If you use their service for and do not have full insurance coverage you get billed by them the deductable.
If you do not have insurance you get a bill for the full amount
We pay 46,000 out of our tax money for the sevice contract whih has nothing to do with theservice calls Theay are billed in addition

Per capita breakdown ? on current expenses?
How many emergency calls
How much did you make on Service calls in addtionn to the service contract. in 2017.

15 minutes to raise 46,000 for their company that they do not have to apy back
YOu have crossed the thresh hold of asking for more money than it takes to start a company.
How many emergency calls in 2017?
According to your 2018 contract
Financial grants, contracts Shall “funds be used to sustain growth for the division”
How much of the money on the townnewport contract with NAS is for the expenses incured for the ambulance service of town and how much for growth.
What do you charge for an ambulance run least to most. We who have micare coverage only and others who have no coverage at all have to know what to expect. Myself being that I have medicare only will be billed by you for 20% of that amount. Ok, I am having a heart attack

So what other towns do you service in District 2? You are using our money in part to provide service to other towns it appears.
I read somewhere that emergency calls
According to Charles Pronto, you are losing money on transports because of emergency calls. So I guess transports are your priority?