Hi Denise,

On our Jan 4th meeting Ernest and I were not getting the answers we needed about the NAS ambulance contract and the water project.

So in all due respect I am writing to you that I will be requesting many records (per Public Records Act) to get these questions answered.

There may be some cases where you can not get these records and there is a specific legal response you would have to follow should there be a denial. I will be using these new laws and I think it would be in your best interest to know the procedure. Maybe you are already aware. If so I will use them if there is and will expect the appropriate response. I do not want to labeled as a trouble maker because I am exercising my rights and I am in no way doing this to cause trouble and anything personal against you or any of the select board.

It is no different when you call your lawyers when a resident defaults on a tax payment or water bill. It is the law and you would not like it if you were threatened from a resident when you took such action as I have been in past when I used the open meeting laws and public records act.

On the link below are videos of The Secretary of state outlining the correct response for denial of any records you feel are exempt from the public inspection.

Public Records Act How Town Clerk must respond to request

Kind Regards

Barry Sahagian