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January 5, 2018

Letter To the Town Clerk

A letter to the town clerk ,Denise Daigle, asking her to note a response procedure for a Public Records Request

January 5, 2018

Video Index – Open Meeting Law and Public Records Act

The above link goes to a page with 20 short videos of the Open Meeting lLaw and Public Records Act from “The Transparency Tour 2017” hosted by Secretary of State – James Condos. James goes through each of them explaining the details and answering questions. Each of the videos are about 3 – 5 minutes each. There is link index of each part of the law so you can access them quickly. A great resource.

Nov, 2nd, 2017

Code of Ethics “Intimidation”

Video, Newspaper coverage, and commentary

Oct 1, 2017

August Payables

April 23, 2017

March 2017Payables

April 17, 2017


Select board threatens to Increase Water Bill in 2017

/On April 4th the town will vote on a bond for 745,000 to build an arsenic treatment plant that is not necessary. Despite this enormous figure the select board is not ruling out an increase to the municipal water users. Ernest Choquette (water committee) predicts if this is voted in the water bill will increase to $500. This is the second increase in less than two years. What is this select board doing? Some people think this to be a neglect of duty by the selectboard to not have handled this better.

More to come stay tuned…more ….

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January 2017 Town Newport Payables

Click here for January 2017 Payables

Facebook Live for SelectBoard Meetings

Live Broadcasting is the new technology and is gaining popularity fast. Now anyone with a smart phone can do this. Twitter , Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook have programs. I am a sucker for new technology so off we go. This is the first broadcast Feb 9th, 2017. I had to negotiate a bit to get the audio right. Most I have heard lack this. After a little study I found a simple solution and it worked ok. Still needs a little refining. We now will have this for all the meetings. A new approach to enhance transparency. Stay tuned for the upcoming meetings and tune in. If you can not make the live meeting you will still be able to view the archive video here on the website.

Big Construction Project

On Jan 5th at the select board meeting, Fred announced he had a grant coming for a big project with a $200,000 grant on the way. Not sure what the grant is for. Fred is not so easy to understand sometimes, but more details will be posted soon.

I have never done anything like this and did not know what to expect. I knew after attending the 2016 Town Meeting and seeing only 80 people vote on the floor for all of the town expenses that this was not fair. I wound up getting twice as many signatures because ” the people want this”

Lets get the spirit of democracy back to Town Newport. We have to attend just this one town meeting to get the paper ballots voted in. From then on we can use paper ballots all day on Town Meeting day as well as absentee ballots. Then more of the town can have a voice in decisions being made.

Stand up and reinstate “by the people”. Just a small inconvenience to attend the meeting and get it voted in. Lets get it done. See you there n March 7th.


October 2016 Select Board Meeting

This section of the October Select Board Meeting devoted to discussion of trails and road usage by atv’s and resident scraping the roads. Heated discussion.

Voter Resources

This is a page with resources on voting and the new registration form hosted by the Vermont Secretary of States Office. Click on the link above or on the image of the flag.

Special SelectBoard meeting. Discussion and updates of water project with Engineer and Hydrologist

On October 17, Wayne Eliot (Engineer) and Jeff Hoffer (Hydrologist) Met wit the people for a discussion and a 3 option
solution to get the new wells online.

Do you mean to tell me WE DID NOT HAVE TO BOIL OUR DRINKING WATER FOR THE LAST SIX MONTHS?? Play the video. The Water Committee Chair, Chris Donovan explains…


At the September 1st TownNewport Selectboard meeting, The Newport Ambulance Co was trying to get the selectboard to sign a contract with out a price and before the town could allocate the money to pay them. At one point they were demanding that they just sign the contract.

Watch the video