Boil Order Notice Blunder

Last November 2015, the residents of TownNewport received a 200% increase on their water bills (to $300). There was a lot of controversy concerning this issue. The reason for the increase was that the Selectboard had shut off all the wells because they said the wells were dry and they chose to buy water for the town at the approx expense of 100,000 per year for 5 years.

At the same time there was an emergency well they refused to turn on because they would supposedly receive a boil order notice from the State if they did. They finally turned the well on and stopped hauling and paying for water.

The Water committee chair revealed at the Sept water committee meeting that the 6 months of hardship the residents endured with their drinking water was not necessary. Play the video to hear the reason from Chris Donovan the water committee chair of Newport Center Vermont.