What are minutes?
Minutes basically, are notes taken during the meetings of a town. They have to include all that were present at the meeting. What was discussed and by whom, motions made, and votes taken.

The Minutes of these meetings must be made available to the public after 5 days and posted to a website if one exists.

The thing about minutes is that gives you an insight to what is going on. As we can all agree is that here in Newport Center VT, many complain of not being informed of changes being made in our town. One of the violations that the town makes that I have brought to the attention of our town administrators is that they do not comply with mandatory posting of when the meetings are. So many have no idea when these meetings are and changes are voted in. Do not let them get away this. They seem to be getting better in compliance of open meeting laws. Complain if you do not see a meeting posted in Lucier’s Store and the post office. They all have to be posted for the public in 3 places not just the town hall. You can also request in writing to be informed of all the meetings and The town clerk will notify of each meeting as I have requested my self.