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Why does no one go?  I went into the clerks office on Jan 10 and asked Denise for documents relating  to the the grant that was awarded to Fred Baraw.  I told her that some of the residents were asking for details.  She replied why don’t they just come to the meeting?  I WAS AT THE MEETING and there were not details discussed.  Is this the reason no one goes to the meetings?  The meeting are for the most part all business and most the time the residents are not included in the discussion.  I have heard from many that you can not get anything done.

Before Christmas my wife Jayne Sahagian why they did not light tree in park.  They responded ” this is not our responsibility, it is the the fire department.  Denise said she would make calls and get it done.  Did you notice that when you go through Newport Center during the holiday not a single bulb lit or any sign of Christmas.  When it is for the people it gets ignored…   Your thoughts

Payables 2016

Town Newport School Committee

At the 2015 Town meeting the School committee had an article to borrow 360,000. When asked what they wanted the money for, the principal replied that they needed the money in part to pay back 176,000 the was put into the wrong account. WHAT???

This section includes a few videos that were produced to try to figure out what happened…

Water Committee Grievance

In January of 2016 a water committee was created in Newport Center Vermont to address the problems the town has been having for decades which recently resulted in 200% increase on the water bill. After a few months one member of the water committee claimed that the reduction of the water bill was “never going to happen”. He also claimed that reducing the water bill and installing the meters was never discussed. Despite several videos right here on this website you can see and hear his discussion on water meters. Go to Video 3 on Dec 3rd and see Ernest speak on water meters Why would someone turn around and contradict himself on an issue like this? What is he up to. No good perhaps..

School Committee Audit

I know some have expressed interest in this meeting I had scheduled.
Today, May 25th, I met with Glenn the business manager of the Newport Center Elementary School.
We went through some of the numbers concerning the question of misplaced 170,000.
Many questionable transactions were uncovered and left unexplained. The business manager was clearly out to confuse and circumvent the one question asked
“where did the money go exactly”. Notice on the tape that I followed one of the grant amounts which went from one account to another 4 times. The business manager confessed that each account that the funds were transferred were spent on other than the original intent of construction for the new gymnasium.
For the People…


Town Newport School Committee Misplaced 170,000

At the 2015 Town meeting the School committee had an article to borrow 360,000. When asked what they wanted the money for, the principal replied that they needed the money in part to pay back 176,000 the was put into the wrong account. WHAT???

This section includes a few videos that were produced to try to figure out what happened…

This is an issue that has raised many questions by the residents. Where did the money go? After they realized the money was transferred, why did they not transfer it back? Who transferred the money in the first place and why?….. “THE RIGHT TO KNOW” the residents want answers…

Join in and comment on this is issue. The “Right to Know” from the constitution of Vermont and US. It keeps us free! We just want an explanation …..

Here is a link to report fraud of abuse to the state of Vermont auditor. YOU CAN REPORT this ANONYMOUSLY
State Auditor Tom Salmon Fraud abuse form

The principal of the elementary School in Newport Center VT was  made a request for documents relating to this issue. Here are the emails.  Her great reluctance to provide them was noted… read more below

These are the emails sent to the principal of the Newport Town Elementary School for a request of financial documents to explain an issue of a misplaced 170,000. I have posted this to show a most usual response to requests to public servants when documents are requested.

The language of the law states you may go into a public office at the hours of 9AM – 12AM or 1PM – 4PM and request documents. They are to promptly provide access to the docs to view and or copy. YOU DO NOT have to give a reason to see the documents. If they deny this they must provide at that time a written explanation of why you were denied and a time for you to return to view them if it is not possible.

I anticipate reluctance after I left a message and did not receive a call back so I decided I would have to email.

1st request

Document request per Public Records Act
<> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Sun, May 22, 2016 12:29 pm
Hi Wendy,

As you know I left you a message on Thursday May 19 with your receptionist because you were “at a meeting”.

I have not heard back from you since.

At this time consider this a formal request for documents in particular and in reference to a statement you made at the TOWN MEETING 2016 concerning an amount of 170,000 that was quote “put in a wrong account”

I would like to inspect the ledger items for the account in which the 170,000 was originally in a few days prior and leading to date of the transfer of the amount to the account it finally got transferred to. I would also like all the payable transactions subsequent to the transfer in ledger type with details of by who and what disbursements were for.

I realize you may not be familiar with the the new amended laws of the Public Records Act and the Open Meeting Laws. So I might suggest you consult with Secretary of State or the VLCT of which the town has membership to before you might make the decision for a denial of this request. So I will give you a couple of days.

Before the end of the week. I will come to the school to inspect and possible copy these documents
between the hours allowed by PRA .. 9 -12 AM and 1 PM – 4 PM. Should you wish to deny this access, you are required to provide a written statement explaining why.

I am also asking to be included on the agenda for the next Schoolboard meeting June 2nd at 5:30 PM at the school to discuss the issue further.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance to this State and Federal Laws

Barry Sahagian

Second request

<> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Mon, May 23, 2016 12:03 pm

I received a phone message from your receptionist today May 23 stating that you are once again to busy for the next two days and you would call me on Wednesday. By law you are to provide these documents promptly when asked and if not you should supply a written reason of why you either are denying or if you can not do it promptly why and a time you can provide the documents for inspection. I have given you ample time so far. I am a busy man also.

I feel as though you circumventing the inspection of these documents. On Wednesday I will expect to access these documents. If I am denied I will take this to the next level. Non compliance of this law is a crime and has to be heard in Superior court.

When I ask Denise for documents she provides them in the same day. Please do not test me any further.

I am very busy and you are wasting my time and possible putting yourself in the way of legal consequence.

Thank you

Third response

Subject: Re: Concerning My request for Public Records
From: Wendy Meunier <>
Date: Mon, May 23, 2016 12:08 pm
To: “” <>

I have arranged for you to meet with Glenn Hankison, NCSU Business Manager at a time between 8:00 and 10:00 on Wednesday. Glenn needs to be finished by 12:00. He wants to determine which documents you would like to review and provide copies if necessary.


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4th response

On May 23, 2016, at 3:55 PM, “” <> wrote:

Thanks for your reply, 9 AM will work for me., I will video tape this, it is my right as well as the residents want to hear this. Where is the meeting?


5th response
At school…

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Town Meeting 2016

This is an editorial of the 2016 Town Meeting.. Please feel free to comment. There is a comment area below the Video. Thank you for visiting

Public Records Act

A Public Utility tool for Transparent Government. Use it!
What is the Public Records Act? Why is it so important? So you ask yourself when you get a increase on water bill. Your property taxes go up. What is our town paying the employees. Why and what did they pay contractors for that useless community solar garden that does nothing for the community? That’s a cute little word. Obviously this cute little word worked because the town voted this $250.000 project in despite being in debt and overlooking other essential projects like the failing public water supply. Who benefited from this contract? Certainly the contractor!

Would you like to take a closer look at the contracts possibly? The disbursements related to this contract? Most items like this go on in the background in a town in violation of the open meeting laws then to ad insult to injury amounts spent on contractors and financial details of the towns business is locked away in secret file cases locked and guarded by the administrators of the town…