Video One
The Town Newport, VT Select Board claims the 5 existing water wells can not produce enough to supply 140 resident users enough water. The SelectBoard voted to purchase water and trucking at 100,00 per year and have been doing this for several years. In this Video the SelectBoard Chair explains that they could get one of their wells on line at a one time cost of 47,000. But, but, but, but…. Do the math!

Video Two
Another attempt to try and figure out what the problem really is with the towns water system problem. We listen to the Select Board Chair explain to only become more confused… Contradictions? lack of research? bad decisions? other?

Video Three

100% Water Bill Increase contradiction

The Select Board of the Town of Newport Center, VT has raised the water bill by 100% because they claim the 4 wells are all dry. On the Dec 3rd, 2015 at the Select Board meeting, the Select Chair contradicts himself by quoting from a plan they contracted from the firm Elliot and Aldrich (civil water engineers) who have stated the 4 wells are capable of producing water adequate to supply the town with water.. Despite this, the Selectmen have voted ro shut off all the wells and purchase and haul water @6,660.00 per month and pass it on to the residents with a 100% water increase. Why???

Video Four

Reduce the water bill Ignored by Select Board – Dec 3rd 2015 Select Board Meeting

The top agenda item at the Dec 3rd Select Board meeting to be discussed was skipped over by the select board chair while he (Steve Barrup) turned the meeting into a lecture on well construction, history of the town for 45 minutes until an irritated resident interrupted and insisted the discussion brought to the floor.. watch what happened.

Video Five
Dec 3rd 2015 Select Board Meeting – Section Two

Ernest Choquette discusses solutions to the town water system problems and installing water meters to help reduce costs. He offers to loan the Town $100,000 to install the meters.

Video Six
Dec 3rd 2015 Select Board meeting

In this video a discussion of the Open Meeting Law and the Public Records Act.. Review of the November bank statements of the town, Hard questions to tax collector on disbursements drawn to her during the month of November.