The Newport Center Select Board is proceeding with the drilling and testing of two new bedrock wells. The wells will be drilled on town owned parcel that has two other existing wells. The parcel also has a solar farm on this located on Vance Hill Road. This video includes the discussion of the 4 companies who placed the bids. The contracts have been published below.

During the discussion on the 4 contractors who placed bids for the wells, it was brought up by Selectboard member Jerry Waterman that he knew nothing of Chevelier Drilling company. I took the liberty to do some of my own research and I found that they have been in business since 1954. They have no bad reviews. They have six members of the Chevalier family involved in the business and best of all they have provided the best price. If it were up to me, they would be my choice,

Here is a link to their website.