The Expense of the Water System 2015

Since Nov 2015 the when the residents of Newport Town, Vt received a 100% increase on their water bill the question remains. Why did we get this increase? The residents asked this question of the selectmen who to date have avoided any clear explanations or justification of this increase. To add insult to injury, they have no solutions to fix the problems of the water system. When confronted they can not guarantee that the Bill will not go up again in 2016.

On the surface it appears to be a gross mismanagement of the taxpayers money. Bad judgement on decisions they have made in past to fix the problems which have all failed. This is a problem of 18 years. Hard to believe. So we have included some of the expenses in 2015 for the residents can form their own opinion on what is going on.

Please Check out documents below from the Town of Newport and see the specifics of of these expenses.