Reading your Water Meter

Below is the documentation on PDF from Neptune Technology on our recently installed water meters. I found that the documentation does not explain everything needed to know to get full advantage. The PDF is two pages. There is an Image of the meter on page two that identifies all the functions and symbols you will find on the meter.

Some points on using this meter were not obvious so I got further information from Paul Whittemore (owner Backflow installation Company ) also more details were provided by Neptune Industries (manufacturer of the meter itself)

This is a basic video. I recorded this before I obtained the details posted below. The video basically shows how to get the readout to appear. If I get ambitious I will create a new video including all mentioned below.

1,) “In order to get the display to turn on, you must use a flashlight that will supply at least 600 lumens of brightness. The display will only stay lit as long as the light is shining on the solar panel. When the light is removed, the display will shut off.” ( Neptune Industries)

2.) “One quick question you had was rate 0.00 this tells you the rate of flow in gallons per minute when the water is running, it also is used to determine if water is running when you believe it is not. So if you see 0.25 or any rate on that indicator, it’s possible you have some sort of leak, a faucet, or toilet could be running at a very slow “Rate” this is water flowing through the meter, and typically is a home owners responsibility to correct.” Paul Whittemore

3.) “The rate appears after 12 seconds of shining the light on the meter’s solar panel. So when you first shine the light on the Meter you see the usage to date. Continue to shine the light on the meter and the rate will appear after 12 seconds. Continue to shine the light and the display will return to usage” Barry Sahagian

Reading Your Water Meter
Be sure to scroll to page two to see the image with symbols described.

If you are trouble seeing the PDF below use this direct link:
Direct Link to Meter PDF