Select Board Santa Listens

On Dec 8th, 2016 at the Selectboard meeting, There were 3 wishes from residents of Newport Center Vermont.
In this time of giving and Christmas Spirit will the select board grant these 3 simple wishes to the people?
The select board did listen and promised to consider putting them on the annual budget in January.

In January of course Christmas will have passed and I hope it is not forgotten or overlooked.
It is important for the people to see that our leaders are thinking of taking a moment to give back to the taxpayers.

The first wish was for a float for the 100 year centennial of Newport City in 2018.
The second was for a recreation budget for the towns people for concerts and activities during the summers.

The third was a very simple request to just hang some lights in in the park. As you go through the surrounding towns
at this time of year you will see lights and joyous scenes. As you pass though Newport Center it remains dark and gloomy
The question was asked why.. Watch the video….