Water System Solutions

I have to say I know nil about how water systems function. I never really thought about this. But now I in middle of this issue, reminded every week when I have cough up an additional 40.00 per week to pay the recent increase of the water bill by 100%. So I ask around town and many residents are “well” informed. Some even have professional opinion having served on a water committee in the past.

So I guess I have to take their opinions seriously. I listened to one by Ernest Choquette who has served on the Newport Town Water Committee in the past as well as keeping up with the current issue we are having.

Ernest says we have plenty of water. One of the primary reasons we have a so called shortage is that there are many leaks in the piping distribution of the water. He says the drilling new wells and then using the old leaky pipe distribution of the water is counter productive. His solution would be first fix the leaking pipes, then add meters.. Fixing the pipes will get us more water to use instead of having the water leak into the ground all over town. So hypothetically we will have more water to distribute by fixing the leaks.. Then install meters. When this happens, naturally the residents will be more conservative in water usage. they pay for only what they use thus the water bill goes down for the conservative users…

Ernest’s analogy uses a car that has a wheel alignment problem. So the tires wear out quickly.
So you can either buy new tires to fix the problem temporarily or fix the alignment for a permanent solution.

Drill new wells and distribute through leaky pipes or fix the pipes not drill new wells.

Another resident who served on the water committee person, Dennis Delabruere also believes in this solution.. what do you think? Any thoughts.. love to hear them…

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